Linux Containers and Custom Domains

Linux Containers on Custom Domains Linux containers are great for fast and quick web applications. In this video we show you how to launch a linux container hosted on instantly onto a custom domain name registered in seedUp.

Registering Domains and TLDs

Register and Connect Domains With seedUp you can completely manage your entire domain name and DNS. This allows you to have everything related to your environment in one place, and provides extremely competitive prices for every TLD (Top Level Domain) you can think of. SeedUp uses AWS (Amazon Web Services) Route53 as a back-end for […]

Notes on Beta

Hi All. If you look around these days, you will notice a “beta” tag: It’s a pretty common term in software, but what does it mean here? We’re new, we’ve got some good ideas, and we’ve put then into the seedUp framework. ¬†However, there is only so much we can predict and learn while […]

DNS Zone Record Management

DNS Zones and Resource Records DNS zone resource records are a complex type that contains the resource records for the current resource record set. Using the editor, provide an Array of JSON objects, each containing one ‘Value’ attribute. You can provide as many value’s as you like in the Array. [ … { “Value”: “some.record.value” […]

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