WebRTC Development Environment

WebRTC AppRTC Development Environment This video explains how to get an AppRTC demo using the Google AppEngine SDK for python, and the AppRTC demo code hosted on GitHub. You will have a fully functional WebRTC application running on a seedUp IDE in just a few minutes. This video uses a S1.Small IDE App for the development […]

Linux Containers and Custom Domains

Linux Containers on Custom Domains Linux containers are great for fast and quick web applications. In this video we show you how to launch a linux container hosted on hub.docker.com instantly onto a custom domain name registered in seedUp.

Ubuntu LXDE Desktop VNC

Ubuntu LXDE Desktop in Your Browser In this video we show you how to launch a container running a fully functional Ubuntu LXDE Desktop environment, that you can access in your browser!

WordPress Development Stack

Launching a WordPress Development Seed In this video we show you how to get up and running with WordPress in literally seconds. We show launching a WordPress container which contains a fully functional, browser-based IDE, connected directly to your live WordPress installation, on your own custom domain name.

LAMP Development Stack

LAMP Development Stack on seedUp Get up and running quickly with a fully configured, fully web accessible LAMP development environment in a few minutes. This video will show you how to spin up a LAMP stack, with IDE, create a release, and publish that release for sale in the seedUp ecosystem.

App Release Types

Creating Apps When you create a new App, you can choose a dedicated VM that will be provisioned with Chef and allow you to choose recipes and customize the entire environment, or a linux container. Dedicated VMs are great for providing entire systems, for example, if your publishing a development stack like Java, or Red5; […]

App Pricing

App Pricing & Subscription Automation App pricing allows you to completely customize what you charge for your application. How much you will actually get is dependent on the number of others who purchase your Release. So charge enough to make your efforts worth the cost, but not so much that it scares away potential customers.  We […]

App Environment

App Environment Customization Dedicated VPS Environment The App environment is the configuration in which your application is launched. This is the entire virtual machine configuration that is provisioned when a user launches a new instance of your App. The attributes are standard JSON blocks for the ingredients you choose to install into your app environment. […]

Using git to automatically provision your application seedUp

Automatic git Provisioning You can tell the Launcher to clone a public git or github repository automatically to your workspace when launching a new seed by specifying it in the customization attributes: The above block will automatically clone the repo specified by the url attribute, on branch master and automatically run the shell command npm install […]

Notes on Beta

Hi All. If you look around seedUp.io these days, you will notice a “beta” tag: It’s a pretty common term in software, but what does it mean here? We’re new, we’ve got some good ideas, and we’ve put then into the seedUp framework.  However, there is only so much we can predict and learn while […]

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