Updates 1/26/2015 – The seedUp Ecosystem

One of the things most important to us at seedUp is providing you with ways to make $ on our platform.  That’s where the Marketplace concept comes from – choose a Seed, customize it, then market/sell it through tools that we provide.  The markup is yours to keep, which we automatically transfer to your Stripe account.  Build something useful, make […]

Notes on Beta

Hi All. If you look around seedUp.io these days, you will notice a “beta” tag: It’s a pretty common term in software, but what does it mean here? We’re new, we’ve got some good ideas, and we’ve put then into the seedUp framework.  However, there is only so much we can predict and learn while […]

Update 1/22/2015

Hi All. It’s been a busy week at seedUp.  We’re just finishing up a sprint that includes several user-requested enhancements.  As described in an earlier post, this is our primary motivator in publishing a beta – getting your feedback and using it to make a stronger, more satisfying product. One feature we are particularly happy to […]

Update 1/17/2015

Hi All. We are constantly updating seedup.io.  During our current beta period we are engaging users at every opportunity, and have released our first feature set based upon their feedback. Here are the highlights:   Improved Environment Status Refresh Speed We provide you a high-level summary of your instance state right on the dashboard, along with a […]

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