Hi All.

If you look around seedUp.io these days, you will notice a “beta” tag:


It’s a pretty common term in software, but what does it mean here?

We’re new, we’ve got some good ideas, and we’ve put then into the seedUp framework.  However, there is only so much we can predict and learn while talking among ourselves.  To go further, to make this product better, we need to understand how it is utilized in the real world.  What works for you?  What makes sense?  What doesn’t?  What is unnecessary?  What is missing?  What features do you find most useful?

We are building this product for you, and we want you to answer these questions.  We’ll take what we learn, put it back into seedUp, and will wind up with a product better suited for your needs.

Try a Few Things

Like I said earlier, we’re new.  We’re also small.  However, we are also firm believers in the value of an open, continuous dialog with you.  So, please use the product.  Try out a few different Seeds via a free trial.  Are you a Node.js developer?  Create a free Node instance, use the IDE to write and launch a small application.  You can see the results immediately via a public URL tied to your instance.  Are you a WordPress guru or a UI\UX designer?  Use our WordPress Seed to create an instant, immediately functional WordPress machine.  Make some changes, create a new Theme, then share the results with anyone instantly via the instance URL.  Interested in something new, relevant, and extremely cool like AngularFire?  We have a Seed for that.  Launch an instance that is loaded up with the entire stack and all of its dependencies and, in about 1 minute, you’ll have everything you need to have some fun.

Let us Know What You Think

As you work with seedUp, let us know about your experience.  We’ve got open minds and open ears, so tell us what you think.  We respond to everything.  Here are some ways to share your thoughts, impressions, and ideas: