SeedUp Pricing

SeedUp Pricing, The Basics

Not this guy:


You’ve met this guy.  Somewhere, somehow.  Not cool at all.

Our pricing model is simple:

Pay a monthly fee for each App Instance you use.  If you want something extra, pay a little more.  Cancel at any time.

That’s pretty much it.  When you launch an App Instance, its cost is based upon size (more on that later).  We create a monthly subscription and bill the cost to the payment card you have chosen in your SeedUp Account page.  That subscription is active for the life of the Instance.  When you remove the Instance, the subscription ends.  You are never billed again for it, and there are no fees associated with the event.

If you want to do something extra – like use your own custom domain or keep multiple backups – fine, you can do that.  Those are options that come with a price.  But they are optional.  Pay only for what you want and need, nothing else.

Payment Security

SeedUp Pricing Payment Security

All of our traffic is encrypted and every transaction at SeedUp is managed through the Stripe payment gateway.  No exceptions, ever.  So why should you care?  Because we don’t store your payment information, Stripe does.  It’s their business, and they do it well.

App Instance Pricing

This is the core of the SeedUp Pricing model: a monthly fee for each App Instance you use.

SizeMonthly CostType
Free$0 (!)Shared Grid
Micro$9Shared Grid
S1.Small$29Dedicated VPS
S2.Medium$49Dedicated VPS
S2.Large$99Dedicated VPS
S3.Large$199Dedicated VPS
S3.XLarge$259Dedicated VPS

A Shared Grid Instance is container-based and hosted in a shared virtual environment.
A Dedicated VPS is hosted on an exclusive, private virtual server.

This is the extent of the required costs.  Everything that remains is an optional add-on.  Most SeedUp users don’t need anything beyond the basic subscription but, if you do, read on.

Snapshots for Dedicated Instances*

A Snapshot captures the state of your App at a single point in time.  These are useful for making backups, and SeedUp includes 1 with the cost of each subscription.  For most users, this is sufficient.  It allows you a simple backup/recovery plan (daily or weekly) without incurring any additional cost (only the last backup is kept).  However, if you have the need for others, we have you covered.  Plan carefully, as each Snapshot after the first (free!) incurs an additional monthly cost.

Instance SizeMonthly Additional Snapshot Cost

*Snapshots are not available with Shared Grid Instances.

Custom Marketplace for SeedUp Premium Publishers

A Publisher is a SeedUp user who sells their own, customized Apps in the SeedUp Marketplace.  Take a base App, customize it, make $.  Your App will appear with all of the others in the Marketplace.  There is no charge for this.  However, if you want to increase the visibility of your SeedUp-based products, you can become a Premium Publisher in exchange for an additional monthly fee.  The Premium option provides these additional features:

  • A public landing page in SeedUp containing your Publisher Profile and Brand
  • A spot in the “Publishers” Tab on the SeedUp Home Page
  • Custom image slide show of product details on Publisher Profile page
  • Ability to tie Adwords and Twitter Campaigns to your Apps

The cost for all of this?  $10 a month:

OptionMonthly Price
Premium Publisher$10

Use the option only if you like and cancel it at any time.

Custom Domains

When you create a SeedUp App Instance, it is publicly available at the address:


By default, it will also use a dynamic IP.  These are included in the monthly subscription fee, and result in an App available via an optimized address under the SeedUp domain.  In many cases, there is no need for anything else.  But what if you want your own domain?  We have an option for that.

At SeedUp you can register a new domain or transfer an existing one.  Once completed, this domain is mapped to your App Instance, which then becomes available under your custom address.  There are two SeedUp Pricing options that enable this feature:

Static IP

The App Instance needs to use a Static IP so that DNS can always find it.  This is a simple option available with each Instance you create:

OptionMonthly Price
Static IP$5
Domain Fees

SeedUp supports every major top-level domain.  The prices for these can vary a bit; here are the costs for the most common and popular ones:

Domain OptionYearly Price

When you combine these two options, your App Instance becomes accessible via your own, custom address:


So, that’s the SeedUp Pricing model.  In short

cost = basic, monthly subscription + options

Please let us know if you questions, concerns, or feedback.  We always respond to everything.