Hi All.

We are constantly updating seedup.io.  During our current beta period we are engaging users at every opportunity, and have released our first feature set based upon their feedback.

Here are the highlights:


Improved Environment Status Refresh Speed

We provide you a high-level summary of your instance state right on the dashboard, along with a “refresh” button for updating it at any time.  Under the covers, we’ve sped up how this process works.  This should now complete in no more than a few seconds.



Refresh All Environments from the Dashboard

You can now refresh the status of all your Environments directly from the dashboard.  This is often useful if you have more than one running, and will also now immediately show any Environments that have been shared with you by another member of your Team.



Red5 Seed Provisioning Issue Resolved

As described in this earlier post, we had an issue when provisioning Environments from the Red5 Seed.  This is now resolved and our users of this Seed report satisfaction with the results.


Added interactive Command Window to Environment “Details” Panel

We give you root access to every Environment – you have full ownership and full control.  Until now, you had to open the attached IDE and use its command window to affect any changes.  With this release, we’ve added a command window directly to the Environment Dashboard.  Use it, for example, to restart a service running on your Environment or to view output from a process in real-time.



Various UI Updates

We’ve cleaned a few things up, added some bells/whistles, and moved much of the front-end content into a CDN.  Your experience should now be a bit more snappy.


if you have feedback on these changes, please share them with us.  We respond to everything.