Hi All.

It’s been a busy week at seedUp.  We’re just finishing up a sprint that includes several user-requested enhancements.  As described in an earlier post, this is our primary motivator in publishing a beta – getting your feedback and using it to make a stronger, more satisfying product.

One feature we are particularly happy to introduce today is the geographic region-specific Environment.  Though we have had this planned for some time, it was moved waaaaay up the list based upon feedback from a group of users in China.  One of their first comments was regarding the “spin-up” time involved in creating an Environment.  As they were incurring significant latency between their location and the physical instance (on the East Coast of the U.S.A.), it was slower than advertised.  The speed of this process is one of seedUp’s fundamental characteristics, we take it seriously, and thus decided to address it immediately.

Selecting A Region

As of this evening, we are giving you the ability to specify the geographic region in which your Environment will reside.  When you select a Seed from the Launcher, you will now notice the option to choose a Region:



The value will default to “US East”, but you are free to choose any option from the list.  We recommend selecting the location closest to your own.

Confirming your Choice

The confirmation dialog will now include this information along with the other attributes of your Environment:

A Note on Releases

Releases are now bound to the Region in which they are created.   So, when an Environment is created from a Release, only the originating Region appears in the list of options:


In the not-too-distant future, we will update this so that Releases are geographically agnostic but, for now, they are bound to their origin.

Other Updates

Like I said, we’ve been busy.  In addition to the Environment Regions, we also released these other features today:

Environment Interactive Log Enhancements:

The Log on your Environment’s dashboard now comes with these built-in commands:

  • Re-install (restore the original state of your Environment)
  • Clear (clear the log of its contents)
  • Upgrade (run a full system upgrade on all dependencies)

Marketplace Updates:

Improved direction of users to your published Seed, including a branded signin/up page with your own custom Brand.

Email Confirmation:

We now require this before launching your first Environment.


Please give these new features a look and, as always, let us know what you think.  We welcome your feedback and respond to everything.