One of the things most important to us at seedUp is providing you with ways to make $ on our platform.  That’s where the Marketplace concept comes from – choose a Seed, customize it, then market/sell it through tools that we provide.  The markup is yours to keep, which we automatically transfer to your Stripe account.  Build something useful, make money, experience fewer headaches while doing so.  That’s the basic idea.

To that end, we released a series of updates today aimed at improving this capability…

Domain Registration and Transferring


Use seedUp to register a new domain or transfer an existing one.  There is much happening behind the scenes, but the end result is your own custom domain directing users to your Environment(s) running on the seedUp platform.



URL Now In “HTML5” Mode – i.e. No More “#”s

urlNoHashWe’ve gotten rid of those “#”s in our site navigation.  You, and your customers in the Marketplace, can now more naturally reference resources within seedUp.

This improvement is one of the key components in our primary feature included in this release….

A Custom, Public Launcher – The Release Landing Page


With this update, we are giving you the ability to expose your Releases directly to the public.  They no longer require authorization for viewing, now have exposure outside of the internal Launcher, and can be branded/customized specifically for your product.  We even allow users to login and/or create accounts directly from your landing page.

There is much going on here so bear with me:

  • The page is publicly available and can be referenced anywhere, making your Release visible to the entire internet.
  • Custom metadata about your seed is exposed through the browser for informational and SEO purposes.
  • Dynamic social “sharing” buttons can be used to broadcast your Release’s availability and location.
  • A login/registration control is included, making it easier to convert prospects into customers.
  • A Disqus-powered commenting system is embedded directly into the page for public feedback and customer engagement.

We view this as a significant advancement on our road to the larger seedUp ecosystem.  Using this set of features, we envision a path into the seedUp platform that is driven by your Releases.  Customers are now able to engage directly with your products, with seedUp simply serving as the underlying platform and facilitator.  Step up front, take the credit, and reap the rewards.  We don’t mind.  We’re the quiet, unassuming types anyway.

Universal Search

seedUnivSearchThough unrelated to the new Release Landing Page, we’ve also added a live search to the seedUp header.  Use it to quickly look for Seeds and Environments.  One of our prime directives is a simple interface that hides all of the complicated details we’ve baked into the platform.  Bearing that in mind, we’ve put this in to help minimize the “jumping around” required to actively use the site.  From any page, start typing and find stuff fast!  It seems to work well for us, let us know what you think.

Other Updates

Along with the above, we’ve included these fixes:

  • OAuth-based authentication trouble
  • UI responsiveness in the mobile experience
  • domain registration status update failures
  • UI issues when dealing with DNS zone records in domain registration/transfer
  • annoying gotchas in the domain contact details

Please give these new updates a look.  The primary goal in this feature set is giving you more control over your seedUp-based products, so we are very interested in what you think.  Contact us any time with questions and/or feedback.  We always respond to everything.