Want to do WordPress Development with less hassle, expense, and effort?  We can help with that.  But first, some background…

The Basics

WordPress.  Apparently, nearly all of us use it.  I mean, practically everyone.  It’s by far the most popular CMS on the planet.  Why?  Well, others can answer that far better than I, but here are a few headliners:

  • It’s free.  From the consumer’s perspective, $0 is “well-priced”
  • It’s easy to learn and operate
  • It’s well supported and very extensible
  • There is an entire ecosystem of plugins, themes, hosting providers, etc. surrounding the core product

The vast majority of WordPress consumers interact with the system via its administration screens.  These are built into the base WordPress installation and provide an easy-to-use and effective way to manage content. They provide a great deal of capability, some of which are described in this way by WpBeginner:

…the ability to create, edit, and remove posts, as well as publish or save them as draft. Users can also edit template files and the CSS code for the website’s template to adjust things like fonts, colors, and other formatting options found in template files. Plugin settings and options also show up under the left panel for many plugins.

For most users, this is pretty much all they will ever need.  But you can do more.  Much more.

The WordPress Developer

This is where WordPress Developers enter the picture.  This community leverages WordPress’ extensibility to provide the creativity and firepower which makes it such a dynamic and successful CMS.  There are a number of experts who can do far greater justice to this topic, but here are some of the things WordPress Developers do:

Though they may use “wp-admin” and the related tools, they also interact with WordPress in ways outside of this customary access.  WordPress Developers write code and often work under the covers of that nice shiny, easy-to-use CMS Portal.  To do this, they need special tools.  WordPress Development typically means access to all of the standard components: PHP, MySQL, Apache, and the WordPress CMS plus – at the very least – an Integrated Development Environment in which they can work their own unique brand of magic.  Typically, these ingredients are obtained and mixed in a place isolated from the rest of the world – a location where code can be written, tested, and prepared before being used “for real”.  Developers may also want access to additional tools which allow their code to be saved under source control management and deployed to production under guarded conditions.

OK, so you need some stuff to do WordPress Development.  Where do you get it?  And how do you set it up?  And how do you do other cool, more advanced stuff with it?  Well, you’ve got options.  Lots of options.  Some of them are pretty darn good.  Others, you might not want to really mess with.  For the most part, they amount to collecting the tools required and configuring them for use.  Yes, even the really good ones require some of this.  Is this awful?  Well there are probably other, more valuable things to do with your time, but I wouldn’t say awful.  Here is what I think is the better question: “Is my time better spent doing something else”?  Something like, you know, creating a WordPress Plugin or Theme.

So how about skipping all that setup/configuration stuff and jumping right into your primary focus – producing awesome tools and features for WordPress?

Move Your WordPress Development into the Cloud

You don’t need to be tied to a physical machine any longer.  You don’t need to worry about setting up, configuring, and maintaining the prerequisites and tools necessary for WordPress Development.  That’s what SeedUp does.  You do WordPress Development, and you do it well.  So do more of it.  Get yourself a SeedUp WordPress App – a fully functional, root-accessible WordPress instance running in the Cloud.  Use its associated online IDE to manage all of your code.  View the results of your work in real time via your own custom URL.  And do all of this from anywhere in the world where you have internet access and a browser.  Those are the only tools you need to get started.  It’s not hard.  It’s easy.  Almost too easy.

Go to SeedUp and Get an Instance of the WordPress App


At SeedUp an App is the template for pre-configured, fully functional, and instantly available cloud application platform.  The WordPress App is one of our most popular and useful offerings.  You can find it right at the top of our Marketplace.

Define It


Provide a few basic characteristics for your personal, cloud-hosted WordPress Development instance. Basically, give it a name, tell us what size you need, and tell us the region in which you want it located.  That’s it.

 Launch It


Hitting the “Launch” button tells SeedUp to create your WordPress Environment.  This usually takes no more than a few moments.  Really, it’s fast.







Use It

Your WordPress Development Dashboard

Your WordPress Development Dashboard In The Cloud

For Management

It comes with a Dashboard where you can manage or view the instance-level details of your WordPress Environment.  Use it to Launch your IDE, view the port mappings, or navigate to your public/custom URL.  For advanced users, there are even JSON-based configuration options.


Your WordPress Development IDE

Your WordPress Development IDE In The Cloud

 For Development

If you are doing WordPress Development, this is really what it’s all about.  A clean, minimalist browser-based IDE running in the Cloud where you can write WordPress-related code.  Use it from anywhere you have internet access.  Do all of your coding on a Chromebook while swinging on your hammock in Hawaii.  Note: SeedUp doesn’t supply the Chromebook, hammock, or Hawaii.


For Administrative Access
Your WordPress Development Wp-Admin In the Cloud

Your WordPress Development Wp-Admin In the Cloud

Chances are, you are going to want access to “/wp-admin” as well.  No problem, you’ve got it.  It will magically appear under your own custom URL a few moments after launching your instance. The Dashboard contains a handy link to it, but you can navigate there from any browser.  From here on in, it’s no different than any other WordPress instance you have used in the past.  Except that you didn’t have to install, setup, or configure anything.  And it runs on the latest, most-modern hardware.  And it’s available from any location in the world.  And you got it running in less than 5 minutes. You know, little details like that.


 Why SeedUp for WordPress Development?

Moving your WordPress Development into the Cloud allows you to focus on what’s really important – producing Content and/or valuable tools for the WordPress platform.  How you obtain, install, and configure the prerequisites for these efforts is only a necessary distraction.  In most cases, the less time spent on these things, the better.  Instead, use that energy on the things that matter.  SeedUp is a tool built for that purpose – removing your concerns about the mundane details of WordPress Development.

It’s Easy

There are currently other ways to make your WordPress Development easier.  Like I said earlier, many of them are really pretty good.  I mean it.  You have options to streamline the process.  However, nearly all of them still involve obtaining some software, installing it locally, and doing some basic configuration.  These aren’t unreasonable things, particularly if you are talking about a local installation.  We admire and respect these products.  They have greatly improved the experience of WordPress Development.  SeedUp simply wants to help you move out of the local paradigm and into the Cloud – where you don’t have to obtain, install, or configure anything.  Our platform automates that process, and has reduced it down to a few mouse clicks.

It’s Fast

We’ve devoted lots of time and effort to increasing the efficiency of getting set up for WordPress Development.  It’s important that our framework replace the existing process in a timely manner.  And it does.  You can establish a fully-configured SeedUp WordPress instance and get your first blog post up within 5 minutes.  Here is the evidence:

You Can Use It From Anywhere, Anytime

Well – to be honest – anywhere, anytime you have an internet connection.  Start a project on your home Windows computer, fly to China, borrow your uncle’s Ubuntu machine, and pick up right where you left off.  If you have a browser, you can do WordPress Development with SeedUp.

It Has A Built-In IDE

What’s the best IDE for WordPress Development?  I am not getting into that argument and truly don’t know the answer.  What I do know is that the SeedUp WordPress App comes with an online, browser-based IDE.  I know, you are accustomed to your current preference and it’s hard to switch.  I get it, I use a bunch of them.  Moving to one based in the browser is a bit of a departure.  But it works and has its advantages.  Get the SeedUp WordPress App and it’s baked in, available from anywhere, and included at no extra charge.

You Can Try It For Free – and After That It’s Not Expensive

Our Micro instance of the SeedUp WordPress App comes with a 15 day free trial.  You don’t need a credit card to try it.  If you are no longer interested after the trial period, you walk away with no questions asked.  If you like what you see, you can continue on a monthly plan (no long-term commitment required).  Our Micro instance runs $9/month.  It’s not free, but I spend about as much on a single lunch at Chipotle.  The larger instances cost a bit more, but you pay for those only if need the extra power.  You can also upgrade instance sizes at any time, with a single click, no kidding.

It Has Some Cool Features Included, With More To Come

Each SeedUp WordPress Instance comes with WP-CLI.  Launch your App and it’s there, already installed and operational.  You can schedule a regular backup, so your work is preserved forever.  You can even customize an App and offer it for sale in the SeedUp Marketplace.  We’re also always working on new enhancements.  Ever wanted genuine, single-click production deployments?  It’s in the works at SeedUp.  Worried about that requirement to have an internet connection at all times?  We’re working on an off-line mode.

So, if you are considering WordPress Development, please give us a try.  If you do so, let us know what you think.  We welcome all feedback and respond to everything.