Meteor apps on seedUp running on your custom subdomain

Running Meteor apps on seedUp Meteor is a powerful javascript, full stack app platform that gives you the ability to program your entire app in javascript, without needing to worry about separation between back-end and front-end code / logic. If you would like to serve/run your app on your seedUp subdomain, the only part you […]

Secure your WordPress Admin and Login

Secure your WordPress Access Secure your wp-admin and wp-login URLs so you don’t regret it later. One of the key benefits when using seedUp is the ability to quickly make changes to your live site with it’s built in editor. This gives you the power to manipulate things on the fly without the need to […]

XSS Vulnerability with Multiple WordPress Plugins

WordPress XSS Vulnerability Due to the misuse of the add_query_arg() and remove_query_arg() functions (popular functions used by developers to modify and add query strings to URLs within WordPress), many WordPress plugins exhibit a vulnerability to Cross-site Scripting (XSS). You should login to your WordPress admin immediately and update all plugins to protect against this vulnerability. This v...

Understanding SeedUp Pricing

Hello All. We’ve posted a new Article which contains the details of SeedUp Pricing.  It’s very important to us that our prices are simple and transparent, and that they allow you to easily understand your costs. Here is a quick summary: Toal Cost = basic, monthly subscription + options Please give it a look.  As […]

Using SeedUp For WordPress Development

Hi All. We’ve got a new Article up on doing WordPress Development with the SeedUp WordPress App. It’s got a fair amount of detail, but here are the basics: It’s entirely Cloud-based and comes with everything you need to do WordPress Development Each instance comes with its own browser-based IDE It’s easy to operate You can get […]

Linux Containers and Custom Domains

Linux Containers on Custom Domains Linux containers are great for fast and quick web applications. In this video we show you how to launch a linux container hosted on instantly onto a custom domain name registered in seedUp.

Ubuntu LXDE Desktop VNC

Ubuntu LXDE Desktop in Your Browser In this video we show you how to launch a container running a fully functional Ubuntu LXDE Desktop environment, that you can access in your browser!

WordPress Development Environment

Launching a WordPress Dev Environment In this video we show you how to get up and running with WordPress in literally seconds. We show launching a WordPress container which contains a fully functional, browser-based IDE, connected directly to your live WordPress installation, on your own custom domain name.

LAMP Development Stack

LAMP Development Stack on seedUp Get up and running quickly with a fully configured, fully web accessible LAMP development environment in a few minutes. This video will show you how to spin up a LAMP stack, with IDE, create a release, and publish that release for sale in the seedUp ecosystem.

Updates 1/26/2015 – ecosystem and more

Hi All. One of the things most important to us at seedUp is providing you with ways to make $ on our platform.  That’s where the Marketplace concept comes from – choose a Seed, customize it, then market/sell it through tools that we provide.  The markup is yours to keep, which we automatically transfer to your Stripe account.  Build something […]

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