Environment Regions

Hi All. It’s been a busy week at seedUp.  We’re just finishing up a sprint that includes several user-requested enhancements.  As described in an earlier post, this is our primary motivator in publishing a beta – getting your feedback and using it to make a stronger, more satisfying product. One feature we are particularly happy to […]

Updates Released 1/17/2014

Hi All. We are constantly updating seedup.io.  During our current beta period we are engaging users at every opportunity, and have released our first feature set based upon their feedback. Here are the highlights:   Improved Environment Status Refresh Speed We provide you a high-level summary of your instance state right on the dashboard, along with a […]

Red5 Seed Issues and Resolution

Good morning All. We offer a Seed for the Red5 streaming media service.  The platform is an open source alternative to those published by Adobe and Wowza.  It’s free and works well, but have you ever tried to install it yourself?  We hope that is where seedUp can help. By working closely with a customer using this […]

Non “US East” Performance during Beta

Hi All. We’ve had some feedback from a user in Asia.  The experience of “instantly” establishing a new Environment has been a little less, well, instant.  Under normal circumstances, the time to establish a new Environment runs about 1-3 minutes – depending on the Seed chosen (small ones, like Node, are faster than something huge like AOSP). […]

Notes On Beta

Hi All. If you look around seedUp.io these days, you will notice a “beta” tag: It’s a pretty common term in software, but what does it mean here? We’re new, we’ve got some good ideas, and we’ve put then into the seedUp framework.  However, there is only so much we can predict and learn while […]

Welcome to seedUp

Hello all.  Welcome to seedUp.io.  We’re new, we have some ideas about using the cloud to make your life easier, and we put them to use inside this product.   What We Do: We provide instant, reliable cloud-based platforms through a simple interface at minimal cost.   Why We Do It: We want to help solve […]

Quick Start

In this article we are going to quickly explain how to get up and running with a Node.js environment and add that environment to a team to quickly start collaborating and coding. Create a new Node.js environment Create a Team and add the environment and members to the team Start Coding Once you create a free […]

Environment Dashboard

Seeds & Environments Seeds are a start to an entire development environment. You launch a seed by visiting The Launcher, choosing a stack, choosing a plan, and customizing any attributes related to that seed (if available). Customizing attributes allows you to customize the initial configuration of the seeded environment including things like: Default MySQL Password […]

Teams Overview

Teams Teams are a way to share your app with others. When you create a team, you can add users and apps to it. A team will also be assigned it’s own unique IDE token, which will be used by anyone assigned to that team to access each team app’s IDE (as the password along […]


su Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Once your app is initialized and accessible you will have access to the IDE (integrated development environment) inside your seed. On creation, your app generates a unique IDE token which is used as the password, along with the email you used to register, to login to the IDE. Team members […]

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